21-12-2012, my conclusion


21-12-2012 has passed. And now? There is something I want to share with you. Maybe you were never into the whole 2012 thing, maybe you only heard of it recently, maybe you were scared,… It’s been about 15 years ago when I learned about the Mayan prophecy. Doomsday stuff, awakening stuff, I dreamed about the end of the world several times. Fantastic epic dreams with me flying over the surface of the earth, huge fires, immense floods,… I must admit that there was a kind of border in my future image. I couldn’t imagine my life past the 2012 horizon. Not that I was convinced that I would die, but I couldn’t really think of 2013 and later without having passed the magic border of 21-12-2012, because the world would definitely change. Global electricity breakdown, collapse of the monetary system, alien invasion, whatever! Tomorrow is Christmas evening 2012. How do I feel now? There’s been some minor deadlines (if I remember well we should been hit badly by a meteor in 2003, passing of Planet X had several possible data in the past 10 years,…) in the recent past. Always I had the same kind of opinion about it: not really believing it, but always looking forward to the date because… I WANTED TO SEE CHANGE!!! 2012 was the big crossing. The world wouldn’t be the same anymore. Thát was above all my belief. I had reasons to believe it could happen, because on February 8 2005 something happened to me. A kundalini awakening. The most significant moment in my life. The day that my life changed in the most fundamental way. If it could happen to a man, it could happen to humanity / to the planet I figured. But now that 21.12.2012 is behind us I don’t feel like living in a transformed world. What can I learn from this? Honestly, I don’t like our civilization. I feel I am a part of nature. life = nature = life. Just like any living creature a man should be free to explore himself, to explore the world, to explore, enjoy anything he wishes. My society pulls me away from my nature in an extremely arrogant way. I can’t even choose to live a natural life!! Pollution, noise, stressed people, hunger, hatred,… We are all participating in a stupid rat race! For what? For money that doesn’t even exist!! And we all take it like paralyzed sheep. We think we are intelligent because we read (several) newspapers, because we follow the news, watch tv, listen radio, discuss all that crap with colleagues and other “intellectuals”. We are so full of our selves while we are fooled in a most tragic way!! All this time I relied on that magic date of 21-12-2012, the day that everything would change. But nothing happened! My conclusion? I had it with these deadening deadlines!! I will wait no longer for any external change! I will wait for nobody to help me free my self! I will take responsibility for my life. I will not let it happen, I will make it happen!! Freedom=taking responsibility I don’t care what others think, THIS IS THE TIME OF MY LIFE, I will not let it slip away anymore!!

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