The Shift of January 15 and the Meaning of the Haiti Earthquake


The Shift of January 15 and the Meaning of the Haiti Earthquake, an article from Karen Bishop

January 16, 2010 


Over the many years that I have been writing energy alerts, and now WINGS posts, there have been but a handful of significant shifts that have occurred. The ascension process was designed to move us, expand us, and raise the consciousness of the planet through ourselves, one step at a time, in order to alleviate as much discomfort as possible. In this way, for the most part, it has been a slow and steady process. None-the-less, at specific times, more dramatic and pivotal shifts have also occurred, but these shifts were far and few between.

In the beginning stages and years of the first phase of ascension, when things were moving ahead as was planned, the shifts could always be seen, and most certainly, they created the intended outcomes as well. After “the plan” stalled and basically failed to some degree, these intended shifts rarely, if ever, created the desired and intended outcomes. The energies would begin, but never seem to take hold. Like an engine sputtering, starting, and then dying, the vehicle could never gain its forward movement.

Now that we have experienced the separation of the worlds, and are now existing in a parallel reality for awhile (until the intended process creates all our desired changes…and it will), the intended outcomes will indeed occur this time, as we are now starting over in a reality that will most certainly be the soup that creates all our desires and dreams.

All this said, the new beginning energy that occurred on January 15th was the most dramatic I have seen and experienced for many years. It was quite phenomenal indeed.

The solstice of December 2009 began the grounding in process. So then, we found ourselves grounding, staying down and well into the earth, exercising, walking or hiking, and even eating more with some weight gain. We were also reconnecting to our true and authentic selves and creating our very new foundations in all arenas. All in divine and perfect order.

Leading up to January 15th, in which there occurred a new moon, a solar eclipse, and when Mercury resumed its forward movement, some manifestations occurred as well. Crying for no particular reason, or at least feeling like it (because of the Haiti heart opening…see below), feelings of a severe lack of self-confidence, feeling acutely vulnerable and fragile, feeling a loss of support or lack of anything in our spaces, feelings of wanting to be alone, or that being around others was irritating, massive and frequent hot flashes, being cold with an inability to get warm, panic, anxiety and depression, and sleepless nights along with daytime fatigue were but a few of the many symptoms of the impending shift.

During the day of January 15th, the energy was beginning its shift, and this created movement which commonly manifests as feeling jittery and rattled for no apparent reason. During our sleep time on the night of January 15th, a massive release occurred. This created some interesting and revealing dreams for many. What happened, was that we were now ready for our move forward…for our new directions to finally take hold, and for a massive and intense release of the past. This release and final decision making at our soul levels was greatly experienced through our dreams, or at our higher levels.

Up until then, we may have felt boxed in…as if we could not move forward in any way for a variety of reasons distinct to each of us, as if we were being suffocated or even feeling like there was great pressure around us. Trying to take even one step forward, resulted in hitting or running into someone or something that seemed to block our way. We may have felt squeezed into a box that seemed to get smaller and smaller. Manifesting or being in alignment with most anything (except creating new foundations and grounding), may have seemed futile at best. We were being surrounded by the old in many ways, as our release was well on the horizon, but had not quite yet arrived.

Now it has. Like a slingshot into the new, our tethers have been broken and we can now move into a very, very new space. We are free and clear now. The road is open and ready for our footsteps, and the old is no longer holding us down. In addition, we will now become much more clear about what it is that we wish to create now. We may have had pieces in the past, or even actually known for awhile, and then things became foggy. The fog will now begin to lift and manifesting will become easier.

The new energies have been trying to reach us for awhile now. Like a television streaming that continually stops and then starts up again, or a dvd movie that stops in a freeze frame and then resumes, we are getting the new and higher energies, but in slow and steady pieces, bit by bit, one piece at a time.

We will be operating differently now as well. These higher vibrating energies we are now residing in, are creating some new and wonderful ways of being and manifesting that are far beyond what we have known in the past. As I have mentioned a few times in recent WINGS posts, I have been experimenting with them, and what they are creating and how they work, is nothing short of awesome. In this way, our framework will be different as well, as it needs to be in alignment and in harmony with these new and exciting energies of a much higher dimension. So then, our old structure will greatly change, as it is doing so now, and the new structure is only something I can describe as other worldly and beyond words, and does it feel good!

A brief note on Haiti:  The massive earthquake that occurred in Haiti this week created a monumental heart opening for the planet. The pain, suffering, and tragic loss it created opened our hearts and shifted the planet, pushing it into the heart space that it will be now operating from. These beautiful and giving souls who agreed at their soul levels to be a part of this experience, have served this planet in ways unseen for a very long time. As it was time at many of their soul levels to depart, they agreed to depart in a way that would serve the planet and take it to its new and higher level. Haiti will become a very sacred space, as it already has, and this event will be remembered for a very long time. It was a part of our very new beginning, and a part that will change the vibration and direction of our new world as well. These brave, unbelievably loving and precious souls, have given to this planet more than we could ever know. They have assisted in shifting the planet into its very new way of being that involves coming from the heart, and the honor and reverence I feel for them and the many other souls involved, goes beyond words.


With much love and gratitude,


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