Return of the Ancients


Hi friends! I have discovered an amazing work happening in US, it’s The Return Of The Ancients TV! There you can listen the testimonies of many people who remember their history, beyond earth, beyond family… Quite fantastic! You cannot lose it! Enjoy… hugs, RK.

return of the ancients

Distant echos are summoning travelers – drawn by a deep knowing they follow an inner compass to ancient places around the world and beyond. The travelers are compelled to convene in sacred locations, ancient places of high energy, where the elements of nature come together to create a portal to other realms, other worlds. Armed with the modern day instruments of transmission these travelers go to bring back the story to any and all who will take the time to listen, to receive, to ponder and imagine. These travelers intend on keeping divine appointments with amazing people, holding special and sacred knowledge, willing to share, to communicate what they know.

      Sandra D. Sabatini & Antara Davis, Travelers/TV Hosts

Our travelers speak to the intuitive impulse that draws them to these sacred locations around the world.

The journey they are taking and sharing with others wends its way through the topography of the United States, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia/South Pacific and many areas around the World and Beyond.

Along the way, they meet amazing beings who’ve interacted with the  travelers in the past, agree to speak again, this time face-to-face, to speak urgent and timely words about the direction of greater humanity, past-present-future humanity, a race of infinite potential, with both a capacity of self-created peril and unsurpassed greatness.

Schedule! COMING UP…

10/29/2013 DAY: TUESDAY 7:00PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Mountain / 9:00PM Central / 10:00PM Eastern
Topic: Star Family: Our galactic connections.

11/01/2013 DAY: FRIDAY 2:00PM Pacific / 3:00 PM Mountain / 4:00PM Central / 5:00PM Eastern
Host: Sandra Sabatini
Special Guest Hosts: Heather Caton & Alice’ Cablayan.
Topic: The Ancients: Ancient Wisdom & The Turning Point.

11/20/2013 DAY: WEDNESDAY 4:00PM Pacific / 5:00 PM Mountain / 5:00PM Central / 6:00PM Eastern
Topic: The Arcturians: Lessons for Humanity from the Arcturian Council.  Part #1


The time has come: We will know our true History! That’s the site:

Enjoy, Namaste! RK

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  1. Henrique Fiuza disse:

    e maravilhoso este retorno ao passado reencontro de seres em lugares ate sagrados revestidos de Luz Cosmica e Cristica nao e Rodrigo? Abraços. Henrique


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