Are You A FREEDOM Seeker?


I’ve decided to share this very good job with you. Please watch it and re-share! RK

Are you a freedom seeker?

Freedom is a film about a quest for freedom. The quest takes 12 steps, based on the 12 signs of the zodiac.
It is a personal quest for freedom that doesn’t stop with easy answers.

This film is available for free, not because the maker of the film (me) does this as an extra on the side, no, it is my only source of income. But I share it for free because I want to live in a world where people share rather then sell.

“Be the change you want to see” is one of the quotes in the film. That’s why I chose to share this film for free. I think sharing is the next step in human evolution and I am convinced that is what I have to do with all of my work.

Hope you enjoy it!

You are free to leave a comment, to leave a donation or to order the DVD (signed if you wish).

For a donation or DVD go to http// and click on “support”.

And I wish you a lot of FREEDOM!!!


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