After 11-11-11, Now What?

a message from Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 14 November, 2011

11-11-11 was a special day whose significance extends beyond its unique date. It was special because the entire world shared in the hope, blessings and meaning of this day. Around the world people shared conversations that focused on enlightenment, possibilities and potential. But the world didn’t end (it wasn’t supposed to) and we continue with our life journey. Now that 11-11-11 has come and gone, we must focus on carrying the energy’s momentum into the days following it. We do that by practicing integration, staying aligned with our intentions and putting them into practice. Like any other energetic shift, it’s what we do after it happens that is important. Simply put, the Universe delivers the energetic package, but we have to open it and decide where its contents should go.

I have always found the days after a big shift to be somewhat anticlimactic. We feel the energy downloads, often experiencing intense physical side effects and then have the let down because despite all the anticipation and activity, the world appears to remain the same. The politics haven’t changed, the wars haven’t ended, people are still arguing about the same things and the world continues to be on the brink of chaos. But we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg and it is our desire for something different that is the true indicator that change is happening. And like in our own lives, it happens from the inside out. What we see on the surface does not indicate all of the activity happening underneath.

The best ways to use the energy after 11-11-11 is to keep our intentions active every day. Instead of measuring our results by when they happen, we must get into the habit of seeing them as happening right away; their physical manifestation is just the final aspect. Our spiritual practice must become more disciplined if we are to step into our mastery and act as true co-creators. This doesn’t mean we have to meditate every day but it does mean that we have to begin to remember ourselves as spiritual beings and stay connected to that energy and our co-creative power. We are not at the mercy of time, destiny, karma or the Universe. We need to see ourselves as masters and to use our mastery tools to create the life and world we want to live in.

There is powerful energy available to all of us now but we have to use it in a conscious and intentional way. This also means becoming ‘selfish’ and meeting our own needs. It’s time to put ourselves first in our lives, which doesn’t involve putting up walls to keep others out. It means setting energetic boundaries in our lives to ensure that we are interacting with what is in our highest good, serves us in life- and self-affirming ways and is aligned with what we want to create. Remember to breathe, as breath is our Source connection (it’s what keeps us alive) and the more we stay grounded, centered and aligned with our purpose, the more loving and fulfilling experience of life we will have.

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