1-2-3 Shift


a message from Allison Rae

Are you feel anxious, jittery, apprehensive or excited?

Do you feel like Something Big is about to happen?

If so, you’re probably tuned in to the transformative energies of an explosive eclipse series this summer (or winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere).

Eclipses are special alignments of the Earth, Sun and Moon that happen every six months, in pairs or triads. During an eclipse, a shadow crosses over the face of the Sun or Moon, and we explore light and shadow, conscious and unconscious. There’s a trio coming up soon: A partial solar eclipse on June 1, total lunar eclipse on June 15 and another partial solar eclipse on July 1st.

Whether you can see them or not, you’ll feel the effects of these potent alignments. The June 15 lunar eclipse aligns with Galactic Center, and the July 1 new moon solar eclipse forms a volatile Grand Cardinal Cross conjunct the great star Sirius. The June Solstice falls in the middle of all that.

Since ancient times, eclipses have been associated with abrupt, often unexpected, changes. Beginning two to three weeks in advance, and continuing for several weeks following these special planetary alignments, we’ll feel the effects of shifting electromagnetic frequencies. Things are unstable, shaky, volatile.

Because of the specific ways the eclipse configurations line up in this series, changes will be sudden, forceful and highly transformative. There’s enormous potential in that.

Are there things in your life that you know need to change? Have you been yearning to release addictions and get healthy? Are you itching to turn your life around, maybe switch careers, end a relationship, relocate, transform your body, get more sustainable?

Eclipses break up longstanding energy patterns. So now’s the perfect time.


What to expect


These volatile energies will express as sudden, unexpected changes, chaos, upheaval and movement.

At times you’re likely to feel off-balance, nervous, agitated and emotional. Other times, a sense of euphoria sweeps you away.

It’s easy to lose your focus and become distracted. Sleep and eating patterns often change during eclipse periods.

Physical changes may show up. Sudden illnesses and accidents are common as we constantly adjust to the dynamic energies. Chronic conditions may become more severe, or you may finally break through and remedy a longstanding problem.

Jobs and relationships may suddenly end, or begin. You may find yourself relocating unexpectedly. Many of our friends and family members will cross into spirit.

An increase in seismic activity usually accompanies eclipses, and with this series Earth changes are likely to be intense.

These are all symptoms of the reconfiguration that’s currently under way. Along with the energy of destruction, we’re beginning to manifest at a miraculous rate by capturing and focusing the creative forces.

By finding out where the eclipses fall in your astrological natal chart, we’re able to forecast which areas of your life or psyche will undergo the most transformation and support you in the process.

Get in the groove


How you experience this shift has everything to do with your attitude and perception. You can resist the changes and attempt to hold on to the way things have been (which won’t work). Or you can see this as an exhilarating opportunity, find a way to get on top of the energies, and ride the wave.

If you decide to surf the creative potential of the cycle shift, get into the groove now, as the volatile configurations of summer are forming in the heavens.

Surrender, connect with divine guidance, show up and follow through. Specific suggestions are published in my 2011 Astro Forecast document, available to download free (link below).


2011 Astro Forecast PDF ~ An overview of the celestial and Earth energies of 2011, with tips for navigating the changes gracefully. Click here to read or download the PDF.

Copyright 2011 Allison Rae/StarPriestess.com

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