Morning Light Aton

Your breeze shivers my skin
Inspired, in the silence of the night
Frutifies my mind in sweet flame
At time so intense that lights me up in love
I grow taller in your direction
I am giant, in memories
I feel your hands
You are a Hero of a lifetime
You are the sheded tears
Of a glorious time
Of a time lost in time
I waited for you in silence
And I felt your heat
Your rays of light touched my skin
As you  warmed me up in love
But the day wasn’t long enough
To scare away the fury
Of the night, slowly pushing through
As she picked up a flower from our ground
Priests of betrayal and envy
Your commander won’t be forgiven
Hunted throught the hallways I ran
And didn’t have a choice but to drink from that hand
Drops of deep sleep
Days had gone until awake I could be
In tears, sufocating
And in my salvation the door was opened
So I could breath
Legends of a cruel world
They couldn’t deal with the truth
As we removed the veil
Of the dark evil
Lies to bring satisfaction
Of false gods hidden in deception
And gods they’ll never be
Only envious of fame
What are your powers for?
If love lacks in you?
If the Sun don’t touch your face
If Aton’s Glory don’t apply to you
Why such evil?
Don’t think in the shadown you’ll remain
As the light of freedom
Burns brightly in the dark
One by one you’ll be revealed
And placed in front of the Light
Facing the trinity of truth
Your identities will be revealed
The crown from my head you believed to have stolen
With no understanding that Divinity is found at the home
Of a Royal Soul
And not in the ilusion of a sumptuous altar
Netjer comes from inside
From the Temple of the Living Flame
May the Light manifest Now
In the name of the Will Divine
Morning Sun throught the 4 directions
Light of freedom Sekhmet Hathor
By the blade of the sword
Or by the light of Love
(Morning Light Aton) by Radharani, my dear friend S2 =)

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